Griffin Graffix - DDoS attacks & the world of hacking
What is hacking and why you need to keep your computer and websites clean
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Today, hacking is not limited to attacking companies or specific individuals. If that’s what you thought it was, it’s about time you learned some facts about hacking. The short movie: Rivolta: Inside the Mind of Canada’s Most Notorious Hacker below should be quite the eye opener for many of you.

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Cover - 2017 PuRR Project calendar design by Griffin Graffix
Yearly Calendar – The creation process
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For almost 6 years now, one of my favorite clients, PuRR Project, has asked me to design a calendar that they sell for the benefit of raising dollars for the cats & the no-kill shelter they so wonderfully run. I had never done a calendar before we did our first one in 2013, but I am a designer after all ain’t I? So I can do anything…. I just hadn’t realized just how much work this would entail. What I thought would take me 2 weeks quickly turned into a 2 month project. Given, I am a perfectionist but aren’t all designers?

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